Substituting all-mileage oil with synthetic

Like I said, cost is not a factor. I just want to be able to buy what I want. Whether it costs $1 more a quart, or mileage increases .01%, I don’t care.

I was actually thinking about an old car where the manufacturer’s specs are for 30 weight which seems to be getting harder to find, maybe a lack of whales nowaday? :blush:

Though somewhat of a stickler for originality I finally said to heck with it and went synthetic. Still has the original seepage, blow off from the breather tub and coking of the plugs so all’s well.

I don’t hunt around, myself. I just buy what’s available locally, usually at Wal Mart. The six quart box of Havoline is a pretty good deal and seems like less waste than the 5 quart bottles. I like the bottles though, easier to read approximately how much you’ve poured into the engine.

I’ll probably get chastised, but if the vehicle takes 6 quarts, I’ll just pour in one 5 quart bottle and 1 quart from the next 5 quart bottle. I’ll judge the 1 quart by reading through the “site glass” thing on the side of the bottle. I’ll check the level once after it’s cooled off, and it’s always right at the top hash or slightly over.

I’ve seen others do it differently. “Don’t put in all 6 quarts at once, check the level first after you’ve added 5!” I doubt the engine really minds if it happens to be 6.2 quarts or something like that rather than 6 on the dot.

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