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my car is a suburu legacy, 1991. it seems to me that it is breaking down. it chugs it barley starts if the gas is low. it skips when switching gears. i heard it is the fuel injection, the clutch i don’t know. is it worth fixing or getting a new car ( which i would rather do)

It may simply need a fuel filter. Any recent maintenance to it in your ownership. I would get a diagnosis and then go from there. It may be simple or $$$.

thank you. do u know how much tht would cost?

A fuel filter should be well under $100 installed . However I would have a diagnosis performed on your vehicle for $50(my local Subaru dealer) - $100 with some shops completely free. You give no indication of budget for your next vehicle.

If you want a new car go for it, if buying used pay a mechanic for a checkover before purchase. The money spent will save much latter even if you do not purchase car.

How many miles on this car, and have you followed the recommended maintenance schedule?

It’s time to move on.

I like the advice about the fuel filter. It may also be a weak fuel pump. The engine is fuel injected.

You have to expect problems like this with a vehicle this old. Things will happen. If you can afford it you should be able to make a very good deal on a new car right now. With good credit you may even find a loan with zero interest. The new Soobs today are a long ways from the older ones like you have. Of course, so is the price, even with a good deal.