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Subaru Whine/Squeal on Starting

when I start my 1999 Outback Legacy wagon, there is an awful high-pitched whine/squeal which disappears when I hit the gas pedal and lower the idle. This happens when the car is started cold-but not when the car has been running and then started. The dealer says he cannot make the noise–and therefore found nothing wrong. Anyone know what this is?

It’s probably time for a new drive belt(s). This is a common problem when the belt(s) get worn. Don’t spray them with a belt squeak product because that just brings on other problems.

I’m going to agree with missileman. This sounds like a slipping belt. I’d have new accessory drive belts installed.

What’s the mileage on this car? Has the timing belt ever been replaced?

Thanks. I have changed the timing belt. The car is a 1999 with about 68K on it. I have taken the car to the dealer. They couldn’t duplicate the noise (it doesn’t happen every time, for example, when the car is warm)and said that the belts were tight. Belts are what I had thought too. And maybe it still is.

The timing belt is not the one making noise. The timing belt is a cogged belt. It doesn’t “slip.” The accessory drive belts (the ones you can see) might slip and squeal now and then. My '96 Legacy squeals once in a while. I know it’s the alternator/power steering belt, but the belt is new and tight. I can’t figure out why it squeals.

Were the accessory drive belts replaced when the timing belt was replaced? If not, new belts might make a difference. I’m NOT talking about the timing belt.

I don’t think that the accessory belts were replaced when the timing belt was done.