Subaru vs. Kia - Need help - opinions/thoughts


I am in the process of replacing my wife’s current 2017 Subaru Legacy Limited 2.5i with 135k miles. Since we live in the Midwest, and she has a long commute, I would like her to have AWD. She also insists that she wants a Sedan. Since I have a 21’ RDX, I am looking to not have such a high car payment with her vehicle. As a result, I am looking at the following two vehicles - a 2022 Kia K5 GT-Line and a 2022 Subaru Legacy XT (2.4L Turbo WRX Engine).

She currently enjoys her Legacy, and keeps telling me that she wants something with good ride quality. The thing is, I think the Legacy is rather boring. Yes, it is a Subaru, and they seem to run well, but I think the KIA K5 is much better looking. I, do, however, have a few questions regarding both vehicles, that maybe someone can answer or give me their thoughts on.

  1. Both vehicles have good crash ratings. However, I am assuming that the AWD systems differ greatly between the two manufacturers. I’m going to guess that the Subaru AWD system is much better? Has anyone driven a KIA AWD vehicle? If so, how was their system?

  2. As far as reliability goes, would you recommend the Subaru over the KIA? I have done research on both vehicles, and they both look like they have decent reliability ratings.

  3. Has anyone owned a KIA and Subaru? If so, what problems have you had with the vehicle?

Thanks all!

Why are you asking here ? It seems that she should making this choice . Of course this is a lousy time to buy a vehicle . Why do you want to replace the 2017 ? Does she want something different or is it only you ? As for ride quality , what I find good she may not like it at all.


We are both making the choice. I just wanted to see which vehicle would be the better choice in theory.

The 2017 is starting to have some issues, and we want to upgrade her vehicle.

Why buy a new car now? A 2017 Subaru with 135,000 miles is probably a great used car. (You know the car, and know if it is not great.) Why not keep it and do the required maintenance?

What would it take to make it fresh and new? A clean and detail job? New headlight assemblies?

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Her car, her choice.


Subaru has more history with awd vehicles but my wife’s Tucson, from Kia’s sister company, does just fine. I think you’d do fine with either. As for whether a vehicle is “boring,” that’s for your wife to decide.

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A few years ago Consumer Reports tested snow traction on small AWD SUVs from Subaru, Toyota, and Honda. IIRC the Subaru was significantly better than the others.

Maybe others, including Kia/Hyundai have caught up, but your guess about Subaru may still be right.

In 2003, we replaced an old minivan. I test drove a Trailblazer and liked it a lot. My wife wanted a van though, and that’s what we got. If she drives it, she should get whatever she wants. The two you mention will handle more harshly than the Legacy she currently drives. Do you really want to buy a car for her that bounces her more than the one she drives now? Maybe another Legacy if she likes it. Any upgrades should be per her specifications, not yours, no matter how much you will like your choices better.