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Subaru Timing Belt

I have a 1999 Outback Sport (Impreza size) that has less than 85,000 on it. I’ve had it since it was new and plan on driving it till the wheels fall off. However - I am now replacing yet another (second since original) timing belt. It’s always due to something else leaking oil onto the timing belt. Is this normal or is the dealership just feeding me a line?

if you look at the belt does it look like it needs to be replaced? and is the belt loose?

In 10 years replacing the belt twice is a good idea. The water pump and tensioners should also be replaced.

Since its leaking oil this means a front crankshaft seal or camshaft seals. These should (or should have been) all be replaced as the seals are 10 years old and heat/age will ruin rubber products.