Subaru smells bad

Hi Tom and Ray,

My name is Sean and I am from Norther California. I have been listening to your car talk show 5 years now. I remembered that somebody called in to your show asked about why his car smells bad couple years ago.

I have a 2005 Subaru Outback. I have one question that kind of similar to the question was asked by the other person couple years ago in your show. My Subaru start smells bad when I am in idle state or after I stop. It smells some kind of rubber burning. I was trying to find wheather there is any leak in my engine or not but I could not find any leak from the engine. Can you help me where is the smell comes from?

The second question is that, the AC stopping working since last winter. I think it could be the electrical clutch problem because when I turned the AC button and I did not hear the electrical clutch engage. Could this be the possible reason why the AC would not work?