Subaru shifts hard when cold

I have a 2005 Subaru Forester.

Ever since new, when it is cold out (below 35’), the car shifts (both up and down) very hard… until the car warms up. I’ve brought it in to the dealer… and even left the car overnight - so they can feel this on a “cold start” after a winter night… and they tell me this is normal. I’ve never had a car shift so hard when it warms up. Is this acceptable? Or is this a sign of a problem to come?

It could be normal. How long does it take to “warm up”.

It probably is normal. On newer electronically-controlled transmissions, the computer changes the shift points when it’s cold out to keep the Revs higher to warm up the engine faster. Generally, this does result in a “hard” shift feel, but it’s mostly a function of the shifts occuring at a higher engine RPM. The '06 Scion I drive for work does this and it has a little blue light that comes on when it’s in cold mode, but I know some cars do this and don’t have an indicator. I’d bet that if you gave your owner’s manual a thorough read, there’s something in there about it.

Thanks. I normally drive it about 6 blocks, with minimal use of the accelorator - and by then it is warmed up. So… about 2 minutes??