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Subaru seat height

I have a new Outback Sport. The passenger seat is too low for my wife. Is there a way to raise it up?

Didn’t she sit in it before you bought it? You could investigate whether a seat from a different Subie will fit. It is a heck of a thing to have to do with a brand new car. The trouble with swapping a seat from another car is that the air bags probably won’t function right unless it is just a different trim line for the essentially the same vehicle. I think you are sunk.

Time to read the Owner’s Manual!

Although your car apparently does not have power seats, it may have a manual adjustment–in effect a pump–for seat height. Consult the Owner’s Manual to see if the car has this feature.

Incidentally, either this car is not a new (2008 or 2009) car or you have not stated the correct model name. The Outback Sport, which was really just a slightly altered Impreza wagon, was discontinued, along with the old body style at the end of the 2007 model year. When the Impreza was restyled for the 2008 model year, there was no wagon included in the line-up. For both 2008 and 2009, only Impreza sedans exist and thus, no Outback Sport models exist.

Is this a 2007 or older Impreza-based Outback Sport, or is it a “full-fledged” Outback, which is based on the Legacy chassis?

Looky here->
I only knew as they had one sitting in the dealer showroom while waiting for an oil change.

Hmmm…I guess that I have to visit the dealership more often. The last time that I was there (last year?), my faithful saleswoman from whom I have bought two cars, told me that the wagon version of the Impreza had been discontinued and would not be reintroduced.

I guess that teaches me to believe anything that a car salesperson says.
I should have known better, as the old Beatles song told us.