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Subaru Running Hot

My 1998 Subaru Forester, with 171K miles, just started to run a little hot intermittently. I had the head gaskets replaced at 126K miles. Subaru told me that the radiator was partially blocked, so I replaced it. The problem still exists. Otherwise the car runs fine and I’m not anxious to replace it. Any thoughts? TIA for any suggestions.

(Subaru) Running Hot !

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond. I can’t get Mick Jagger out of my head.

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I have to talk quickly. How are you determining overheating? Guage? Actual coolant temp? Overflowing/boiling over?
Was the radiator done just recently? Maybe some air needs to purged from the cooling system. This can cause intermittent hot temps. I’m not that familiar with Subarus. Is there a procedure for this in a repair manual?

Sorry, gotta go … I’m running hot! … If you start me up …

Did you replace the thermostat and radiator cap along with the new radiator? Are the cooling fans working as they should?

Define “running hot.” Are you going by the dashboard gauge or the ACTUAL coolant temperature? Under what conditions does the engine temperature go up?

How did “Subaru” determine the radiator was blocked?

I suggest you find an independent mechanic to check the car and find out what’s working and what’s not.

By watching the guage. Until this most recent episode, it would get to running temperature, and then never move.

BTW, I sell commercial printing, so I’m clearly not qualified to answer any technical questions. I’m at the mercy of my regular mechanic as well as Subaru

Prior to this problem,the dashboard quage would be just below the mid-point. Now, even after replacing the radiator, it moves up to about 3/4, before returning to the mid-point. When I turn the interior heat (temperature) down, the engine temperature rises, then returns to the midpoint on the guage again. My regular mechanic replaced the radiator after Subaru’s diagnosis. According to him, the fans, etc are working properly.

I’d want to measure the coolant temperature with an infra-red thermometer or something similar to see how hot it’s actually getting. Maybe you just need a new temperature sending unit and there’s nothing wrong.

The gauge shouldn’t move just because you change the interior temperature setting. Actually, once the engine reaches operating temperature the gauge shouldn’t move at all, just as you remember before the new radiator.

Thanks. I’ll ask my mechanic about the temperature sending unit. Hopefully I’ll only have to sacrifice one appendage.

thermostat or waterpump u try flushing the engine?

My mechanic tells me that the thermostat is fine. He did flush the coolant system. I’ll ask him about the water pump. Thanks