Subaru Radio Security Code Requirement

Hello, I wanted to know if my 2016 Subaru Impreza hatchback need a radio security code. I was told by the dealer that I didn’t need one. However, the initial radio required on so I was thinking that the replacement one would as well. I bought the car as a left over in 2017 and the radio needed to be replaced within 4 week of purchase. I would appreciate any help that you can provide. Jim

Not sure but it sounds like the dealer should fix it if I was in that boat.

Not understanding the timelime

2016 Impreza purchased 2017, radio replaced 4 weeks after purchase, so again presumably the replacement radio was installed in 2017. It’s now 2019. What happened in between? i.e. why are you asking now? since it seems the replacement radio must have been working for 2 years.

To clear things up, the radio is working fine. I will need to disconnect the battery so I can disconnect the electrical wiring before removing the front seat. this will give me more room in the car so I can load stuff in from HomeDepot for a project that I have. Disconnecting the battery will wipe out the radio security code. I hope this helps.

Admittedly it’s none of my business and I don’t know the circumstances…

But why go to this much trouble (removing a seat, etc.)?

Can’t you have this stuff from Home Depot delivered? Or know someone with a truck or SUV?

Sorry, just had to ask.

Since my friends truck is not working and I sold my pickup years ago I’m putting my Subaru to work. Removing the front seat isn’t too hard, just 4 bolts and the electric wire for the seat.

Just rent a UHAUL van for about 20 to 30 dollars a day . If you have so much stuff in your vehicle like you say and you have to slam on your brakes you will do more than 30.00 worth of damage to your dash.
Even Home Depot rental truck is reasonable.

Personally, I wouldn’t disconnect the battery to do what you’re suggesting but that’s just me perhaps. You can buy a memory saver from most auto parts stores that will keep the memory alive while the starting battery is disconnected…

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As TT posts above, you can probably prevent the radio from losing power to its memory an inexpensive a memory saver gadget. They use a 9 volt battery to keep all the memories powered up when the battery is disconnected. Repair shops use these on a routine basis b/c then they don’t have to deal with irate customers after they complete a repair, the customer complaining the radio doesn’t work, the car won’t idle correctly, etc.

TT & George_San_Jose1, thanks for the tip which I will check into. Just of curiosity, can I use my car battery charger to keep the radio’s memory?

No. The charger is not designed to run without the battery to regulate its output.

Ok, so you are removing the battery to prevent a short circuit occurring during the seat removal. I think you’d be better off pulling all the fuses that affect the front seat and leave the battery connected. If you try to keep everything powered by another battery source (memory saver), that may also leave the seat circuitry powered up. The memory saver idea only works in your case if your car is designed to provide a way for the radio and computer memory to be powered up, while the rest of the car isn’t. The memory saver is mostly used to leave the entire car powered up while replacing the battery.

When working on vehicles the battery is disconnected to disable the airbags and other sensitive electronic circuits, connecting an alternate power source would defeat the purpose. Memory savers are for lube techs that replace batteries and want to save 60 seconds of time entering the radio stations.

I did not see the procedure of entering a security code for the radio in the owners manual, on which page did you see this procedure?