Subaru "paddles" best use

I’ve experienced the high revs with a number of different cars. Cruise control on, start up an incline, the gas pedal slowly goes down until it downshifts a couple of gears, high revs. Manually downshifting one gear would have reduced the revs.

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Thanks everyone; I’d like to end the discussion now.

Other people have more important problems than mine. :)DLM

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@DML02 The threads on this forum can take off in many directions and go on for a long time . If you have your preferences set to notify you by email ( Don’t understand why a person would do that ) just change it to No and then you won’t be bothered.


There are times I’m okay losing a little speed on hills or resuming speed more slowly when in CC.
Maybe this isn’t such an issue in vehicles with more than 4 cylinders.
Besides CC, at higher speeds like >40 mph I sometimes use manual shifting to downshift before climbing a hill or passing.
It’s smoother to downshift before getting on the gas, and I don’t have to feather the throttle to avoid dropping two gears.
Even the smartest automatic cannot anticipate my actions.
My last 3 cars were manuals, so I’m comfortable having more control, especially on a highway, where the shifting workload is lower.

I only use them in parking lots when I don’t want the transmission going into 4th or 5th “gear” when doing 5mph. Otherwise, very rarely.

While it is possible that your transmission might shift to 2nd gear at 5 mph, it is not possible for it to shift to 3rd, 4th, or 5th gear at that speed.

my hybrid Accord has these paddles too, and the only thing they are really useful at is to slow down car with no stop-lights lit when I see police behind me :slight_smile:


I am not messing with the silly paddles in a parking lot . The vehicles transmission will operate as designed. What I am doing is watching for short people ( better known as kids that can dart between cars at supersonic speeds ) .