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Subaru Outback Vs. Kia Sorrento

There are advantages to both. But I am trying to decide between the 2010 Outback with about 10k miles to a 2011 Sorrento EX

Take both out for nice long test drives and buy the one that fits you best. Cars are like shoes – what fits me may not fit you. Subaru has traditionally had better reliability than Kia, but Kia (and parent Hyundai) have caught up, if not surpassed, them. A well maintained Kia will outlast an abused Subaru – true for any two vehicles.


I don’t think comparing a new car to a used car is fair.

Which car do you prefer to drive?

Although I am a long-term Subaru aficionado, I think that a valid question to consider is:
Why did the owner of that 2010 Outback get rid of it after only 10k miles?

Unfortunately, you will not get an honest answer from the dealership regarding the reason why a 1 year old vehicle with only 10k miles on the odometer is sitting on a used car lot.

What would concern me is that it is very possible that this car was a “Lemon Law Buy-Back” vehicle.

I would suggest that you avoid that used Outback and instead consider a brand-new one, or that you go with the brand-new Sorrento.

Did more research. I decided on the Kia for warranty and performance. All outback reviews mention the 4cyl struggles and the 3.6R is out of my range. I am thinking there is a reason why I can find 1yr old used 2.5i outbacks but no 3.6Rs.

I have test driven the kia with the 4cyl and it was a pleasant surprise.