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Subaru Outback Transmission fluid level check

I own a 2002 Subaru Outback. Which temperature is more accurate for checking the fluid level? If I check my fluid level when it’s at a cold idle it shows that my fluid level is at the low line of the dipstick, but if I check it at normal operating temperature the dipstick shows that the fluid level is full.

I should probably mention that I just changed the transmission fluid and filter last weekend. I did this myself and it was the 1st time I’ve done it. The car was overdue for this maintenance, but it is now done. My Subaru has 118,000 miles.

The fluid should be checked when the engine is fully warmed-up.
Run the shift lever slowly through all gear positions, and then leave it in Park.
Set the hand brake firmly.
With the engine idling, check the fluid.
The level that you see at that point should be considered to be the true level.