Subaru Outback 08 shuddering while idle

This morning I went to start my car and the battery was dead. I called AAA and ended up replacing it because it was 7 years old. Started driving and noticed the car shuddering while idle. My AC stopped working for a few minutes while idle as well. Fast forward to this evening, I drove about a mile or so and while idling it started shuddering and the AT Oil temp light turned on for a second then off. It did this a few times all while idling. While driving, i haven’t had any issues. Any ideas of what might be going on?

The vehicle computer may be going thru a relearn procedure.



The relearn idea above would explain the shuddering and no A/C until the relearn is complete, but seems unlikely to explain the AT oil temp warning. Suggest to keep an eye on that, and if it returns let a shop take a look at it. Over-temping an automatic trans for an extended time will damage it.