Subaru maintenance

30,000 check-up…do I need the dealer or can a local mechanic do the job and keep my warranty in tact?

No requirement for the dealer to accomplish the service. Keep your receipt as proof that it was done, regardless of who does it. For the most part, independent mechanics can handle the vast majority of Subaru services and repairs.

Jayhawkroy is correct.

However, one important proviso regards the coolant, which is normally changed at 30k intervals:
Only Subaru’s own proprietary coolant should be used in these cars.
Using any other coolant will void the warranty–at least as regards anything that can be affected by the functioning of the cooling system.

Don’t allow an indy garage to tell you that “any universal coolant is okay”.
If necessary, go to the Subaru dealership yourself, and purchase the coolant for your mechanic to use.

In addition to the other suggestions:
Avoid extra services that are not in the Owner’s manual, “induction service” or flushes, with one exception:
Have the transmission oil/fluid drained and refilled with what Subaru specifies.

You can use the universal long life coolant if you want. It will not void the warrantee and it is just as good as the stuff Subaru sells. Just check the owners manual for fluid specifications. If it calls for a Propylene Glycol antifreeze, then look for the “Low Tox” universal coolants.

I agree with circuitsmith on the transmission service though.