Subaru Maint Costs

Why does it cost so much to have a 30K maint w/Subaru. My Nissans and Saturns didn’t cost anywhere near $650 for 30K. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

What all was done? I believe Subaru has more things done at 30k than others.

That is a pretty high quote for a Subaru. However Subaru requires more maintenance items than usual and has checks for items like differentials and transmission the dealer changes into fluid changes. It also requires changing spark plugs, brake fluid, and coolant every 30k which adds up.

However I had a Subaru independent perform the same maintenance including extra diff/transmission for under $400. The dealers quoted me at $520 for the same work and that was with more expensive spark plugs required in a turbo Subaru.

Futurewise I would get a few quotes.

That quote is definitely high.

If your Nissans and Saturns were 2WD, that would give you the first major difference. On a Subaru, there is an extra differential that needs to have its oil changed. Also, tire rotations are mandatory on Subarus at all major maintenance intervals.

The other major difference is your dealership. An independent would charge far less. Even my Subaru dealer charges only about $450 for this service, but since I had the foresight to obtain the Subaru Mastercard (and since I charge EVERYTHING on this card), I get vouchers each year amounting to $500, redeemable for parts, service, or the purchase of my next Subaru.

So, shop around, and also get a Subaru Mastercard!
I pay next to nothing for my major services as a result of those vouchers.

AWD / 4wd vehicles on average have DOUBLE the maintenance costs of 2wd models.

In an attempt to preserve the life of their poorly designed vehicles, manufactures hope heavy, expensive, maintenance will get the POS through the warranty period with as few warranty failures as possible…

If one compares the maintenance requirements of a Crown Vic to those of a Subaru, Volvo, Benz, BMW, over a 100,000 mile time frame, you could almost buy a second Crown Vic with the money you would save…

Thanks for the input everyone. I have no idea what all needs to be done but the 2WD drive vs 4WD thing makes sense. I will shop around because I just don’t have 650 to drop on routine maint that I was expecting to cost a few hundred dollars.

Thanks Again

Your costs can be brought down by doing some yourself (air filter, oil change, ATF fluid change), and by getting an estimate for the rest of what needs to be done, from a trusted independent mechanic.

My MPV and my Subaru both have about the same costs during their 30/60/90K services, but I do a certain amount of work myself, and I do more for the Subaru because of ease of maintenance, especially fluid changes. Go fairly strictly by the owner’s manual and you eliminate the possible duplication or “enhanced” additional services some mechanics/dealers may recommend.

OK-one more question-does the 2WD vs. 4WD make it necessary to change the spark plugs so early?? It seems as if 30K is early for spark plugs when other seem to have it done later.

I haven’t done a lot of research, but I think Subaru still recommends changing every 30K, and we do in our 03 Legacy. Most other manufacturers have gone to platinum or some other type plug (more costly) and 60K to 120K intervals. In my case, I accept the Subaru recommendation as a minor cost of owning a Subaru. I don’t try to stretch spark plugs to their very limit, because I think engine reliability/no breakdown/poor running condition due to plugs and plug wires is more costly in time and money than changing the plugs. I also have an older truck that recommends 30K plug change, so Subaru is not alone here.

Not AWD vs FWD just what they recommend.

The turbo engines from Subaru use a 60k interval with platinum plugs. At the very least in the non-turbo engines they are very simply to change so labor cost is minimal.