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Subaru Legacy L Clutch Problems

Recently my clutch got stuck because my fluid was low. I replaced the fluid and now I have to pump the clutch at least thirty times before starting the car to get the friction point to move back to where it is normally. Do you think there could be a clog in the system that distribute fluid to the cluth or is something more complicated

I think it is more likely that the clutch master cylinder is worn out on your mystery-vintage Legacy with an unknown number of miles on the odometer. And, if the master cylinder is worn out, you should also replace the clutch slave cylinder at the same time.

Think about it–since the hydraulic fluid does not evaporate, there is likely to be a leak somewhere in the system, very likely in the seals of one–or both–of those cylinders.

However, if your car is fairly new, with not many miles on the odometer, I could be wrong.

Hint: If you want a good answer, you have to provide good information, and that always includes the model year of the vehicle and its odometer mileage.

Its a 2000 Legacy L wagon. The clutch was just done 3000 miles ago. I would be surprised if the master cylinder was already out. I think the clutch has a warranty on it. Should I take it to the shop that originally did the work.

VDCdriver is correct and you need to revisit the failing hydraulics issue. Your car is a 2000 model that was likely built in 1999. This means that the clutch master/slave cylinders, and possibly the fluid that was in them, sre 11 years old.

They’ve all had a good life and failure of either, or both, of those items can be expected at that age.

In addition to what VDC and ok4450 stated, the clutch master and slave cylinders are not usually replaced during a clutch replacement. During the transmission removal, the slave cylinder is detached and laid aside so the system is not even openned. Unless you actually saw the master and/or slave cylinder listed on the parts replacement, the originals are still in your sedan. Unless the shop actually performed a flush/bleed on the clutch hydraulic system, you also have 10 year old fluid in the system.

Hope this helps.