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Subaru legacy 1995 electrical issue?

so i think that my starter motor was having some issues, which it still may. i replaced the battery and the battery cables, then shortly after that when i steped on the brake the tachometer would go to 0 but the engine wouldn’t go down. then when i put it in drive the car stalls while i’m driving. now the at oil light, the abs and now the check engine light comes on. i’ve had the starter motor and the alternator checked, both pass. help!! oh and this didn’t strat till the tempurature dropped outside. should i sell my house and move to florida, or will the midwest winter be the death of my car?

When you step on the brake pedal and the rpm indication goes to 0 , indicates that the brake pedal or linkage is touching wires to the rpm circuit, or the brake light circuit is shorted to the rpm circuit.
If the oil light comes on, that could be real or a wiring problem. If the oil pressure is really low, it can ruin your engine. It takes first priority.
Get the code for the check engine light. Then, you’ll have a clearer idea of what caused it to come on and what to do about it.
The engine coolant temperature sensor may be faulty and leading the engine computer to control fuel flow improperly at low ambient temperatures.

I would also double check the ground cable from battery to frame and engine.