Subaru jumpstarter

i am about to buy a 94 subaru legacy…about 140,000 miles

it has to be jumpstarted but then runs fine. is this just a battery problem or can it mean more work?(ie electrical or alternator or something else?

thank you kindly


The only way you will really know if the problem is the battery, alternator, or other area is to get the car checked by a mechanic.

You’re buying a 15 year old used car. Unless you’re prepared to sink big money into it for unexpected repairs, it would be very smart to bring it to a mechanic to inspect it. If the seller won’t let you do that, then walk away from the deal.

I 2nd the recommendation for paying a mechanic to check this vehicle over. It could have $1000’s of dollars of work lurking or it could be a gem. Don’t go by the word of seller.