Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan (2005) - What to look for at 60,000 mile service?


I’m approaching 57K miles on my WRX. I hit all of the service points

up to now without many big issues - just the usual stuff (brakes,

tires etc). The biggest issue was a problem with the cruise control -

it was engaging the throttle when idle in traffic and this burnt the

clutch to a higher degree around 42K. This was intermittent and

finally came to a head sitting in traffic in central Philadelphia. Today I

have to lift my foot a fair bit higher than before on the clutch for

it to engage…

Anyway back to the service. Is there anything in particular I should

be looking for regards this make/model of car? I think I should be

getting a new clutch, but is this something that will be checked for

this service? I helped a friend with a new clutch/transmission in his

racing Miata a few years ago and that was a fairly big job.

Thanks, Brian

This is the easiest question that anyone has posed today. What you should be looking for is the booklet in your glove compartment titled, Subaru Maintenance and Warranty Information. Everything that the manufacturer deems vital to the longevity of the car is contained in that booklet. Just make a list of the 60k procedures listed in that book and take that list to the service facility that you will be using.

As I recall, the 60k service list does include a check of the clutch operation, but you can see for yourself what is listed. I urge you to decline any services that are not listed by the manufacturer in that booklet.

Don’t bother replacing a clutch that is working unless you are going to have it out for some other reason. I certainly would not replace a clutch at 60,000 miles with out reason.