Subaru Impreza Engine Vs Honda

I am considering replacing my 5 Dr 87 Integra w/ a Subaru Impreza wagon.

Do the Impreza engine, say 1988, also capable of doing 300 miles?

Would Mazda 3 be better bet?

I need a hatchback for occasional moving furniture.

Integra has 140k miles and the engine is good, and its been reliable.

Wondering what is that I should go for - maybe latest Escape wagon?

Should have been
"maybe latest Focus wagon?"

The Impreza debuted in 1993, so it’s unlikely you can find a 1988 model. Furthermore, trading an 87 Integra for a 1988 model anything would be a lateral move at best. The Mazda 3 is nice car, it’s more sporty than it’s competition but is just as capable. Also consider the Honda Fit, Civic, or a Scion model.

Error -
Not 1988 Impreza but 1998 Impreza - but someone bought it anyway.

So I am referring to 5Dr Impreza in general

When you are dealing with a 10 year old car of any make, the way that it has been driven and the way that it has been maintained is probably more important than the make and model.

The Impreza has actually been Subaru’s most consistently reliable model over the years, but if the present owner has not changed the timing belt when appropriate (105k, I believe), if the motor oil, transmission fluid, and differential oil were not changed according to schedule, if the owner ever allowed it to overheat, and/or if the owner drove it like a “boy racer” then it may not have much life left in it.

If the present owner has maintained a file of the maintenance invoices, you can compare them to the maintenance schedule in the glove compartment. That will tell you a lot about the care that the car has been given.

If the owner has not retained the maintenance invoices, that indicates a disorganized person who likely did not maintain the car properly. After all–if the owner didn’t keep his maintenance records, how would he (or you) know what items were next due for maintenance?

And, even if the maintenance records reveal that the car has been properly maintained, it is still necessary to have the car inspected by your own mechanic, in order to verify that there aren’t any “time bombs” waiting for the next owner.

As the owner of both a Subaru and an Acura, I say, skip the '98 Impreza. If you can find a '96 or older, with the 2.2 litre engine, that’s different, but the early years of the 2.5 engine were known for head gasket problems.

You ask if the Impreza engine can do 300 miles. Yes. Did you, perhaps, mean 300,000 miles?

Your Integra only has 140K miles. With care it may go twice that. Why not just keep the Integra?

Actually, I would take the Mazda3 over an early Impreza, if the cost difference doesn’t matter.

Stay away from the Escape. Fuel mileage is not good.

Right now there are LOTS of 5-door hatchbacks on the market. Shop around, I’m sure you can find something.

I’m anxious to see the 2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring. I’m considering it as a replacement for my Legacy wagon.

2.2L is in Impreza in 1998 and in all Impreza wagons for 98/99. There were only a select few models with the 2.5L called the RS but only in sedan/coupe form.