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Subaru Impreza a/c TSB?

I would appreciate any content of the Impreza a/c TSB. My 2003 WRX suffers from poor cooling and reduced fan output when driving through extreme humidity/rain. It sounds crazy but I’m forced to believe that ice is forming and blocking airflow. I recently tried blasting full heat and it restored airflow immediately (if uncomfortably). The dealer serviced the a/c last year but never mentioned the TSB. I first noticed the symptom in Florida when the car was only a couple of years old, but I now realize it always occurs in extreme humidity.

Have you checked to see if the system just needs a refrigerant recharge?

Yes, that’s what I meant to imply by dealer service. I think they said it may have been down 1/4# (gotta love those precise measurements) but they also added dye and then told me they couldn’t be sure if the condenser had a leak because “it wasn’t warm enough to engage the whole system at about 80 degrees F” Really?.

This board is beyond helpful for WRX issues. Fortunately there are not too many with the 2002-2005 2.0L version of it. I own a 2004 wrx.

Your issue:

THANK YOU andrew, I haven’t been a regular at nasioc so thanks for doing my homework for me. I knew this bizarre core icing had to be the culprit, and shame on the dealer even if I didn’t describe the symptom to them. If it were a Ford I’d expect a blend door malfunction, but the humidity (and subsequent recovery of airflow)is a dead giveaway. jon