Subaru Head Gaskets

I heard that there was a Car Talk show i which a person told a story about getting a dealer/manufacturer to flip part of the bill for the replacement of a Forester 2004 failing head gasket(s). I have a similar problem with my 2003 Sub Legacy and have heard this is a regular occurance for subaru vehicles. Any suggestions? Anyone hear the show or know if I can press the dealer or manufacturer for this one.

I also have a 2003 legacy I don’t have any problems but will be looking for this.

Yeah, head gaskets have been a real problem on the earlier Subarus, and it is a very common issue. How far a dealer or Subaru will go to help you with the problem depends on how many miles are on your vehicle, how well you maintain it, and how good you are at persuading people.

It will also depend on whether the vehicle was serviced by the dealership. However, I have not heard any information regarding failure of head gaskets on Subarus of the 2003 model year. To the best of my knowledge, that problem has not been an issue since the '01 model year.

Call your dealer. It is strongly possible your vehicle was covered(if less than 8yrs/100k) by documented use of the Subaru Coolant conditioner by you.