Subaru Forester


I’ve been told that my all wheel drive '99 Subaru Forester needs rear brakes, rear struts as one is leaking and that I should get an alignment at the same time. The garage I’m thinking of taking it to says I don’t need an alignment-is this true?

Also the check engine light keeps coming on and 2 mechanics have have hooked up there computer and told me it’s the catalytic converter. I haven’t gotten it replaced yet because it’s very expensive and is there another reason it might be causing the light to go on? A less expensive one?

Thank you Car Talk!

It’s possible that one of the oxygen sensors that measure catalytic converter efficiency isn’t working. If they’re way off, the computer will report that as a separate code. But maybe they’re not that far off.

Ask your mechanics if they tested the sensors.

I would think that if you haven’t had an alignment done recently, you should go ahead and get it done. The rear must track with the front, and many times when struts are changed, the dynamics of the alignment specs change. I think it is prudent to get the alignment checked.