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Subaru Forester Winter beater

I am looking for a winter beater and I already chose that I wanted a forester (I live in Quebec, Canada so the 4fwd is necessary). I have been searching for at least 4 months because I was not really sure that I needed one. Now that the winter is here, I am 120% sure that I absolutely need a car. So I found 3 forester that I am really interested in and that don’t seems like rip off. I only need the car for this winter and maybe this summer if it can survive so my budget is really low (like stupid low). So the first forester is a 2005 base model with 255k km (around 158k miles) and its $1300 cad (982 us). In the pictures its the most rusty one and the problems that are announced : small hole in muffler, crack in windshield and it comes with winter tires. The other one is a 2002 with 223k km (138k miles) and its $1600 cad ($1200 usd). The handbrake and the wiper of the back window does not work, there is a shock that is to repair and the power steering is not in good shape (is works) but this one got a lot of pictures from the body and from under the car and its really good shape, there is just a little bit of rust and come with 2 sets of tires. The last one 2001, 167k km (103k miles, $1400 cad ($1058 usd).It says that the only things that the gaz tank is rusted so you can only put 3/4 and that one of the 4 brake is completly not working (back left). Body is in ok shape.
So is there one that I should completely eliminate or should I go see every one and judge after? any other tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:
Sorry for the long post

In order to get such a car licensed, an inspection is in order. In all Canadian provinces, a mechanic must repair anything that is safety related, so you may end up with a repair bill far exceeding the price of the car.

For instance the “small hole” : in the muffler will require a new muffler, a crack in the windshield within the swept area of the wiper will likely dictate a new windshield At about $500 plus.

A rusted gas tank will dictate anew tank ($900) or a $500 plus repair job.

Power steering will also require a repair, and so on.

I would look for a slightly more expensive beater which has everything in working order.

Fifty years ago you could get away with buying such a beater without going broke on repairs.

I only need it to last for 6-8 months. Buying super low means higher risk of finding things that need to be fixed. Or deferred maintenance? Like timing belt?

No, there is not one to eliminate . Eliminate all 3 . Why would you even consider vehicles that are going to require that much work before you can even register them ?

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