Subaru forester problems

I am having a problem with my 2006 subaru forester. In the mornings whenever I reverse the car, then put it into drive as soon as i press the gas pedal, it makes a sound then plunge or buck forward before moving off…I need help anyone else having this problem. It starts to annoy me and its getting worse

Check transmission fluid level, and front differential fluid level, as soon as you can.
When was the last time you had the transmission fluid and the front and rear differential fluids changed on your Forester?


Could be torque converter shudder. Does this happen when the transmission shifts into other gears? I agree with the above… at least have the transmission fluid changed. There should be a recommended service interval on this.

I change the transmission fluid on the 30th of December, 2010 and also the transmission filter. This only happens in the early morning, but as long as the vehicle gets hot it doesnt happens. I haven’t tried with other gear though only in D (drive)

It certainly not torque converter shudder. The torque converter is not in the picture.

It sounds like old internal seals that aren’t quite up to it when cold. How many miles are on it and was this recent service the first one?

BTW, I’m going to assume that you recently had it serviced because of this problem. Why wouldn’t you mention such a thing. If whomever did the service or suggested this came up with it, why wouldn’t anyone else?

Your best bet is to be more patient when the car is cold. After shifting to D pause and count to five. Then accelerate gradually.

If it is a matter of internal seals then the only true fix means that the transmission gets torn down.

Hmmmm thanks