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Subaru Forester: Ignition Mystery

Hey, everybody. Two days after my car had its 30,000-mile inspection & service, it refused to start. I assumed the Arizona heat killed the battery and I put a new one in, and it started. Then three days later, it wouldn’t start. I could hear the hum and tick of the starter. Just out of curiosity, I tried my other key and it started right up. This keeps happening every few days. Sometimes, I jiggle the key and it starts up. Other times, I release the e-brake, put the clutch in, roll it a few feet and it starts.

It did this once before when it had about 15,000 miles on it. But never this often. Any ideas what’s going on here? Thanks!

There are several possible things I can think of. Solenoid, Charging system, a bad battery connection or a tooth (teeth) missing on the starter or flywheel.

Hopefully you still have some warranty left so the dealer can fix this trouble.