Subaru Forester 2008

How could this happen? We have a Subaru Forester that we took in because we were having trouble shifting. We made an appointment for a new clutch. We were informed that we don’t need a new clutch but a new transmission. What? As best as I can describe it --where the clutch meets the transmission there are some balls and screws. We have worn into the transmission housing. How did this happen?

Loose mount somewhere?

Get a second opinion. This is a business transaction, treat it like one by getting multiple opinions and estimates. Do not share information about the other opinions.

Personally, I’m not buying this one. Smells like a bunch of bovine scatology to me.

Some cars use a ball and socket for the clutch linkage, but the ball part screws into the bell housing of the transmission. If it is worn, you unscrew the old one and screw in a new one, you don’t replace the transmission.