Subaru Foerster - Back door doesn't open


I have a 2003 Subaru Foerster and in the last 6 weeks the back door (5th door) has been sticking and will not open. I hear it unlock, just won’t open. Occasionally it will open just by chance then stick again. Any way for me to fix this on my own? Anyone else have this problem?


I would advise you either fix it or someone else while it can open. It will turn very expensive after the fact due to poor accessibility to the door innards.


You could try spraying the lock mechanism with WD-40.
But, as the other poster said, your best bet is to get it fixed now, before it gets worse.
It is very embarrassing to be in a parking lot trying to get your hatch door to close & even worse, having to drive home with the darn thing open! Been there, done that…not fun.
Spend the money to get it fixed.