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Subaru engines

I’ve just jumped onto the Subaru bandwagon this past winter by purchasing a 2009 Outback wagon. We love the car and would like to get another one, but this one will be used for in town only driving. I’ve researched older model year Subies and found there is a disparate pricing model between model years past to 2003 and 2004 to present being the latter are more expensive even with same mileage. I found there was an engine redesign in 2003 for most if not all models. My question is what drastic change in the engines did Subaru make? Has anyone ran into major mechanical problems with their Subaru cars model years 2003 and before? I have my eye on some Legacy Sport wagons in the 2001-2003 years.

2003 and early 2004 and before have a prevelant and sadly expensive flaw, headgasket failure.

The 2005-current does not have the head gasket problem. It also is a vastly superior car. I own a few Subaru’s including a 2005 Legacy GT wagon. It is a superior car to 2004 and before.