Subaru engine knock and antifreeze smell

My 2003 Subaru Forester has 103k miles. In the spring, I got the water pump and timing belt replaced. Ever since, my car has sounded louder and like it’s knocking, (I think I can hear all individual pistons loudly). It seems to have gotten worse lately, the knocking is now very loud. It does get quieter as the engine warms up.

Also, I smell antifreeze. I have no leaks, and my antifreeze reservoir doesn’t seem to be low.

I have taken my car back to the shop twice since they did the pump/bent about the knocking, they say there’s nothing wrong. I also mentioned the antifreeze, they say there is no leak.

my engine light is NOT on. I’m getting nervous because the smell and knocking seem to be getting worse.

An engine should not sound any different after the timing belt is replaced. If your mechanic says there’s nothing wrong, how does he account for the knocking?

Do you smell antifreeze inside the car or outside?

Did they happen to replace any of the tensioners or pulley’s when doing the timing belt. These can make a “knock”.

However an ugly cuplrit is a leaking head gasket that may have contaminated your oil leading to knock. Make sure the head gasket is okay. Subaru’s in the 96-2003 have a high rate of failure with head gaskets unfortunately with the common non-turbo 2.5L engine. Check your engine oil and note its condition.

he says the knocking is just nothing. He says it’s just nothing wrong. It has gotten worse since I last took it in, which was in maybe May or June. It’s gotten a lot worse in the past 3 weeks.

I smell the antifreeze outside the car.

Also, my husband changed my oil last (In August). He got the wrong filter, so put the old filter back on, which was 3,000 miles ago (August). (so, that filter had 6k miles on it. My husband said that was ok.) I’m going at lunch today (soon) to Jiffy Lube to have it changed again. He also changed two oxygen sensors, the plugs and wires in August. I had never had the plugs, etc. changed before.