Subaru clutch and cylinder head gasket?

My 2001 Subaru Outback with 115,000 miles on it just started making a terrible bleating noise in first gear. The mechanic reports that I need a new clutch (Ok, this happens) but that the cylinder head gaskets are leaking. She explained that I could wait on this repair until the engine starts to overheat.

Two questions: 1.) Are there any savings by doing the repairs together? 2.) Would it really be OK to wait to repair the head gaskets? I read in other discussions that catastrophe could strike if I wait.


Subaru engines do not take kindly to overheating, and waiting until the engine overheats will likely lead to a higher repair bill. If the head gaskets are leaking you want to replace them BEFORE the engine overheats. There may be some labor savings by doing these jobs together. Discuss this with your mechanic.