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Subaru 2012 Outback

Tom and Ray,
Do you need traction devices (not chains) to drive in the snow.? You can not use regular tire chains on a Subaru. What traction devices are available?
Or you do not need any devices with four wheel drive in the snow.

You just need 4 good winter tires. Where do you plan to drive?

Whether you drive a Subura, or a Subaru, the addition of 4 winter tires will enable the AWD system to take you almost anywhere during winter conditions.

Seriously, I Thought AWD Was So One Didn’t Have To Screw Around With 8 Tires For One Car. That’s Like Buying A Rain Suit And Finding Out You Still Need To Use An Umbrella, Eh?


LOL - very true, CSA.

With the right all weather tires, you can climb trees with Suburas.
You won’t want to go out in weather that requires snows or chains.

If one is at the point that snow chains are needed on a Subaru then the best option by far is to just stay at home and wait for springime if need be.

"Seriously, I Thought AWD Was So One Didn’t Have To Screw Around With 8 Tires For One Car. "

As good as AWD can be, being able to get going is only part of the picture when it comes to road safety in the winter. There is that sticky little issue about actually being able to stop a vehicle on an icy or snowy road surface, CSA!

Since I am now retired, I have decided that I can forgo the winter tires that I always used to buy, but–back in the period when I installed my Michelin X-Ice tires each winter–the main reason for using those winter tires was to drastically shorten my stopping distances on wintery roads when I had to get to work. Of course, having to get up a 30% grade to get to my elderly parents’ house was also a factor, but I mainly spent the money for winter tires so that I would be able to have greater assurance that I would be able to quickly steer around and/or stop in a short-enough distance so that I could avoid the folks who drive recklessly on snowy and icy roads.

I am with VDC. As the driver of awd and 4wd cars and trucks in snow/ice conditions, I liken not using winter tires on cars like Subarus the same as not using performance tires on a Corvette. Can you benefit from the car alone without these changes ? Sure. But, use any car to it’s potential, then you need tires up to the ask. That means AT or snows on 4wd and awd, that means high load tires on vehicals capable of carrying heavy loads, that means speed rated and high handing capable performance tires on Vettes.

I feel it’s potentially dangerous to accelerate with a capable awd in snow to speeds you now can’t make corners in or stop in snow conditions. These acceleration capabilities are used in normal driving and hill climbing.

If you drive an awd a lot in slippery conditions, this makes sense. If you don’t, as I have found on this forum, no amount of explaining will be accepted sometimes.

A world class sprinter without the appropriate shoes, may no longer be world class…

I’d also add that @easy (Jess, sorry) just dropped some major $$ on a new Subaru. An extra set of winter tires on rims would be the best ‘option’ he could get.

jeSS, not jeff, @texases