Stupid question but

This actually happened to me. Went to bed one night with 33lbs of air pressure in my tires. Got in the car the next morning and the dashboard notified me that the tires and 43 pounds of air in them. No particular change in weather overnight. I checked and indeed they had 43 lbs and I had to let air out of the tires to get them back to proper inflation. Is this possible without someone sneaking into my driveway and adding air while i slept??

Doubtful, a good pressure gauge is needed for verification.

No instances of vandals putting air in tires in my experience.

Nope, it isn’t possible… unless your tires shrunk overnight… which would, in fact, increase the pressure. Were they leather tires? Were they filled in the rain and then dried out overnight?

Are you saying the dashboard said you had 33 psi in the tires in the evening, and the next morning 43 psi?

The odds of all 4 tires being at exactly 33 in the evening and 43 in the morning are about the same as Donald Trump proposing marriage to Carly Fiorina.

lol …

I think he said the gauge also said he had 43 to correspond with the TPMS. I would think this is one of those unanswerables that you just file away and forget after checking pressure a few times. Unlikely someone would have brought a compressor or air tank to pump the tires up over night but I guess we’ve done stranger things in our youth.

I think that you have been driving around with 43 psi in your tires. The TPMS finally caught it.

Clarify please. How did you know that you have 33 PSI the night before and 43 PSI the next morning? How did you measure it?

TPMS systems, in my (limited) experience, just light a light, it does not provide any numbers.

By my calculations, the temperature would have to change by about 100ºF to get a 10 PSI increase in pressure.

Oh contrar, on my cars you simply push a button and the readings for all four tires show up. You only get the dinging when one is below normal (or maybe above normal-never had that). In fact I regularly check the readings when I get in the car and during trips to see what’s going on if anything. My female wife also does the same thing after having a flat tire at night about 15 years ago. One flat tire is worth a hundred lectures. Now onto not letting the tank get too low.

So I just assume the OP looked at the TPMS at night and it showed 33, then looked again in the morning like me and it showed 43 on the TPMS. Then went and did a confirming check with an actual gauge, which is what I would do.

Our 2012 Camry will display individual tire pressures.

My 2006 vehicle shows all 4 tire pressures and seems pretty accurate when compared to a gauge. It seems to update the display about once a minute, based on what I see when I change tire pressures. It has always behaved predictably. As far as I know the sensors are the original ones, but I’m not the first owner. It’s nice to be able to touch a button and see at a glance that all is well when on a road trip.

Methinks operating the Large Hadron Collider has finally created a wormhole whereby air is siphoned from NE Patriots footballs, and inserted into your tires one year after the fact. This is but the first symptom: wholsale breakdown of the Space-Time Continuum is almost upon us!

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Cute, joe, but there is absolutely zero evidence that Brady or anyone else on the team altered the footballs. There is, however, evidence that the footballs were subject to the normal changes that could be expected when cooling them AND wetting them (it was raining that day). Water expands leather, as even cavemen knew, and that allowed the air pressure to drop. Tests by independent engineers duplicated the pressure drop.

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Now back to cars.

Yes indeed the dashboard showed 33 the night before which I had happened to notice.I keep that display up at all times after a recent history with flat tires on this and my previous car. Next morning 43 and that verified with a guage. I just think my house/ driveway must be haunted as we’ve had a couple of weird things happen in our house also :wink: I can’t say I expected any kind of a rational explanation for this just really befuddled by it.

Might be time for a video security system. You can buy a movement-activated system now for an affordable price.