Stuck Starter "fixed" with a hammer?

Hi, my 2005 H2 Hummer (original parts, engine) wouldn’t start today, battery good. Tow truck driver knocked the started with a hammer & screwdriver while I started the vehicle. Worked great and now starts every time.

What should I expect from this solution- temporary fix only or am I good for awhile? Do I need to have a new starter installed asap?

Temp fix. The reason it works is because the solenoid plunger may not seat all the way. The solenoid plunger has to seat all the way, engaging the starter teeth in the flywheel, before it sends current to the starter. A sharp tap can temporarily ‘fix’ the sticking part, but it will stick again and refuse to start. When it will happen again is a guess. Tomorrow or next month or a year from now. But, if it happened once, it will happen again. A replacement starter should fix it.

Very temporary. I used to carry a sawed-off hockey stick in the trunk of one of my cars, a rear drive Ford V8. A quick jab would engage the starter. But, as stated this is a good warning that you will soon need a new starter.

In any case carry a broom handle with you if it can reach the starter, and get it fixed soon.

As stated by others, this is a very temporary fix which has been around as long as there have been electric starters. The problem will crop up again with time, although it is impossible to know how much time. Also, the next time it happens, this trick may not work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Because it worked once, though, you can be certain the starter needs to be replaced. I suggest replacing it ASAP to save you the inevitable tow bill when the starter fully craps out and beating it with a hammer has no effect on it.

Thanks to everyone for their quick response! I’'m going to get a new starter asap as we have a baby depending on a good car!