Stuck in park

Have a 2002 Dodge Dakota automatic. This winter when temps. dropped into lows 10s and zero degree weather, the Dodge truck would start,but would not come out of park gear. Have replaced interlock solenoid and brake light switch. Still have same problem when Temperature drops into low 10s &below. Otherwise,everything ok. (not using ER brake).

Is there a little slot next to the shift lever? Stick your key in it and put the shifter in neutral, then start the engine and drive as normal. This will get you around until you get it fixed.

Are you certain the 2 parts that you replaced are good? Sometimes a brand new part is bad from the factory.

The question about the shift interlock system isn’t whether or not any parts have been replaced. Were those parts not functioning before? Do they function now? Or is your shift interlock still inoperable? We have to know whether we’re looking at shift interlock problems or something else. Do you happen to park on any kind of grade without using the parking brake? That jams up the parking pawl. Your shift linkage may be binding up. Everything gets that much stiffer when cold…

cigroller, I too was wondering if he was parking on a grade. I had a '96 that got hard to get out of park when I parked it on a grade.

I repaired a few of these ten years ago. I vaguely recall a shift interlock link in the steering column that sticks in cold weather. I believe that I cleaned away the thick grease and applied a light grease to the linkage.

Safty recall G28 may correct this if it hasn’t been performed. It is to correct a problem with shift levers that fail to lock when the key is removed but it involves replaceing the same parts.

The interlock solenoid was operating at 50% . Brake light switch was bad. Will try using Parking brake, since truck is parked on slight incline.