Stuck in Park


we have a honda odyssey and it occasionally gets stuck in park when we start the van. The light P doesn’t come up and most of the time we can’t open the sliding doors. They changed the brake switch, the ignition and the plunger in the steering column but it is still doing it.Anybody else have this problem and a solution?



The problem might be with the PRNDL (Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Low) or pronounced PRINDLE switch.

This switch communicates with all the computers on the vehicle. This includes the engine management computer and the body control computer. If this switch fails, and I think it has because the light dosn’t illuminate in park, the body control computer won’t allow the doors to open, because it still thinks the vehicle is in gear.



I will try to suggest that to the dealer as they seem to have no clue.


Possibly a common ground with the PRNDL light and the shift lock solonoid. Were you charged for all that guess work and parts?