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Stripped spark plug ang gas and oil in 2 cyliders

i was taking out my plugs 2 of them were soaked with gas and oil and 1 of the other ones just spins i what do i do

You begin by telling us the make, model, engine type, and odometer mileage of this mystery vehicle.

Also–does the engine’s crankcase oil also smell from gasoline?
And, if you can tell us about any recent driveability problems, that may give us some additional clues.

the car is a 1995 tbird 133000 miles the car has been sitting for a year and i couldnt get it to start thats why i am pulling the plugs the car ran fine when it was parked

4, 6, 8 cylinder engine?

8 cylinder

3 Valve ???

If so grab a box of tissues, and read this post…

What should you do? Start looking for a replacement.

The hole for the plug that’s “just spinning” is totally stripped out. The plug needs to be removed and the hole tapped and helicoiled.

The two that are wetted with gas and oil…your cylinders aren’t firing. It could be as simple as bad plug wires. But I suspect that even of you get them firing you’re going to be burning oil prodigiously anyway.

If you really want to pursue this, start by fixing that stripped polug hole. Then run a compression test, wet & dry. Poat the results here.

Did YOU strip the plug trying to remove it?? You could not have found it in that condition and have the car be “running fine” when it was taken out of service…A stripped plug will be blown out of the engine in a matter of seconds when the engine is started…

Now, the wet plugs…This engine (4.6L V8, correct?) is shared with other Ford products has it’s plugs located down in deep wells that can collect fluids from outside the engine. So when you remove these plugs they can be soaked with whatever fluids have collected in the plug wells… If the plug-wells were dry but the plugs came out wet, then it’s an internal engine problem…The valve stem seals are the likely culprit…