Street legal Arizona ATV cross-country?

littlemouse…and I answered that specifically in the rest of that post, and then again in the next. You’d have to review the road requirements of every state you plan to drive in.

For most legally registered cars, motorcycles and trucks, it’s never a bother. They all meet the minimum Federal requirements, which also drive the majority of the State requirements. Do note I said “majority”. I’m sure there are a few that are “out there”…

I missed the part where you answered about how to drive to Hawaii. :slight_smile:

“But the question was can you legally drive there? I’d pay to see that.”

(makes flying over head gesture)

ATV registration, titling and licensing is controlled by the Environmental Police in MA. The same agency that regulates boats. They are not legal to ride on a public way.

A few years back, there was a regional conflict over taxation and resulted in rescinding the reciprocity agreements between MA, NH and ME. You must be registered in each to legally ride there. Boats are still covered however.

I think some people may have outdated views of ATVs. They are available in many forms and serve a variety of uses from racing to trail riding to work horses. They support riding configurations back to back and side by side. Then there’s the UTV category as well. There are crossover ATVs just like in the motorcycle world of enduros and such that can ride roads or trails. Mine has selectable 2 or 4 wheel drive on the fly, can tow 1500 lbs and do 60+ mph as well as crawl over just about anything it encounters. The first outing I crossed a 4’ deep stream …

If the local cops feel you are “impeding traffic” or “operating an unsafe vehicle” or any number of other reasons, they will order you to stop doing it. They don’t CARE what kind of registration it has…

Just be completely prepared to show your paperwork proof.

A scenario I can think of ;
Say you trailer the ATV on a hunting trip in Colorado or Oregon or somewhere.
When you take it in to town on a grocery run and the local Barney Fife stops you…
Be ready for a lengthy conversation.

Presumably you have license plates, proof of registration and insurance. If that’s not acceptable, hang an orange triangle on it and putt-putt away at 10 miles an hour.

And don’t call the officer Barney Fife to his face.