Strange vibration


Hello. I have a new 2006 mazda 3. Recently I’ve noticed that when the car is idle (at a stop light, in traffic, or parked) it intermittently will vibrate hard enough that I think it feels very much like a car that wants to stall. It never has, and it doesn’t make that sad pathetic noise that a stalling car does, but the vibration has me a bit worried. I can feel it sitting in the car, and if I have my leg against the side panels in the middle. The car has about 6800 miles on it. The manual says 7000 or 7500 miles for the first oil change. I don’t think thats the reason for the vibration but could it be? I bought the car new, Im not that hard on it, but Im worried that this may just be the beginning of something I need to take care of now before it gets worse.

Thank you for your time


The best place to go first is the service department at the dealer where you bought the car, or the nearest one.


It is doubtful that it is oil related. It is under warranty so you need to take it to a dealer. It is not your job or worry what the problem is. Your job is just to tell the dealer what you have observed and let them figure out the rest.

Since you are coming up on an oil change remember: to do it on schedule; keep records; you are not required to have it done by the dealer (keep records); dealers generally do a good job, but the almost always charge more; quick oil change places are well known for their errors and attempts to sell un-needed services.