Strange Misfireon my 05 baja turbo

Ok, so My 05 subaru baja turbo had a CEL that said missing on the #2 cylinder when warmed up. really can’t tell but the computer said thats what the problem is. So THey checked it all out. found no problems. Did a flow check and checked the coil and wires a compression and a seal test on the valve and the best they could guess was maybe a injector not working 100% so they traded #@ with #4 to see if CEL on the #4 popped up. 2 weeks later still No problems or a CEL. Any insight out there on this one?

No problems, no CEL, no misfire. Stop worrying.

I think I’ll save my diagnostics for things that don’t work. This doesn’t mean that I can’t think of possibilities (I can); but, why waste the energy?

Things happen. You did the right thing to check it out. A single bad code is nothing to worry about.

My guess is a small dab of H20 in your gas and it just got drawn up into #2 injector which set the code. At this point, it seems there is no problem. Maybe spend your energy worrying about how we’re going to fix the economy, so something more substantial.