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Strange Carfax Report

So I’m looking at a 2004 Saab 9-5, with only 20k miles. According to Carfax, it was imported in 2003 (through Georgia), but was not registered until 2006 (3 full years later), when it was registered in Washington with only 68 miles!!! The report shows a couple of “service” entries between, roughly every six months, with only minimal mileage changes (obviously) between.

Any theories on why this car sat unsold for 3 years? Should I be worried that this is a hidden Katrina car? The Dealer says they have no answers. Car appears to be in great shape and the price is very good. What do you think?

I find it very unlikely that the car sat unregistered for its first three years.

Before buying this, I encourage you to take it to a good independent mechanic to inspect it. Explain the strange history to the mechanic. Have him lookout for any telltale evidence for why this 6 year old car appears to be in great shape and why a dealer is selling it for such a good price.

Something seems fishy. Your $100 investment to get the car inspected may end up saving you lots of money.

I agree that something stinks a bit and sure can’t see a new car sitting around for 3 years with the dealer paying interest on the floor plan while it bakes in the sun; or sits submerged as the case may be.

You might try contacting GM since they control, or did control, SAAB and see if they can provide an answer about this. If GM says the car was from a dealer in New Orleans…