Straining in 5th gear



I have a 2002 Maz Tribute, standard. I recently had new brake pads and roters put on, in addition to a 2 new frt tires, an oil change and basic 100,000 tune up. One day, while driving along a 2ndary road the car seemed to “hollow out” and had a sound simlar to that of when a car doesn’t have a muffler (but not nearly as loud). The car also at the same time seemed to loose steam in each gear; when I’m in 5th gear it feels like I’m in 4th, like I need to shift up b/c the car has hit max rpm’s. The car is “reaving and straining” when in 5th gear, and I really don’t go over 65mph b/c I’m fearful the engine may bust!

Any thoughts as to what this may be and most important how much this may run me?

I just put injection fuel into my tank today to no avail.


First-is Clutch Slippen (High Gear-Engine will rev W/o change in road spead)?? If so-bad clutch. If not, what do ya want? 100,000 miles on a little rice engine. Sell it to a vegitarian Colledge kid.


I wonder if the clutch is slipping? This would cause the engine to over rev. As the car loses steam, is the rpm indicated on the tachometer increasing?

If this isn’t the case, you may have a brake that is sticking.


How would I check to rule out the brake sticking?


“Clutch Slippen”; “vegitarian Colledge kid”

Very sad, indeed.


I haven’t picked a favorite word yet, but I’m leaning towards “Colledge”…


Put it in neutral and let it coast. Does it slow down unnaturally fast? The last 20 mph should take what seems like forever to decay if your brakes are not dragging. Since this seemed to occur right after a brake job, that should be your first suspicion.

A plugged up catalytic converter can also make an engine totally gutless at higher rpm.


I was thinking it but, well, you both beat me to the punch…guess just a pore choice of wards. : )