Storing Toyota Tacoma



I hated to drive even before the gas crisis. now, even more so.

I have a Toyota Tacoma 2002 [bought new in 2003] which has about 23,000 miles on it.

Mostly, it sits in my carport but I do need it for occasional outings [about 1ce per month – but mostly I drive my golf cart (I live in Florida – recently retired)].

So, what should I do to prolong the life of the engine, battery, tires, exhaust, etc?



Take it out one a week for at least 20 minutes one way. The cost of gas will be neglgible.


Use staybuilt fuel staybalizer, follow instructions on bottle.
Owners manuals give miles and time for repairs, belts plugs,oil changes. Follow them closely!
As jtsanders said drive it once a month, setting without driveing is alot worse.


You have the right idea with a once-a-month jaunt. Nothing else needs to be done. Any other suggestions might give you peace of mind but are hardly necessary to meet your goal of keeping the Tacoma fit and ready. Every now and then you’ll find a reason to go on a long trip.


thanx for your replies. I feel better now. I just wanted to be sure I wouldn’t go running out when it comes time to evacuate with a hurricane bearing down and find a dead truck. :slight_smile:


I’d be a little nervous about leaving the battery connected for a full month, especially if you want to be sure it’ll always start up. If it’s in your garage, I’d use a battery tender for peace of mind. Otherwise I’d try to get it out at least every third week.


Twice a month would likely do it.