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Stored vehicle

I have an 05 Ford mustang that has been stored for the last 9 months. Prior to storing the vehicle, I ran it down to as litle as fuel as possible with some fuel stablizer mixed in. I left fresh oil in the crankcase that was circulated through.

What is the best course of action for getting ready to start the vehicle again for the first time in 9 months? Thanks

add fresh gas, check oil level, air pressure in tires and is battery charged? then try and start it…

There should be no ill effects from just 9 months of storage. If the battery is good turn the key and start it. Next time you store it add fuel stabilizer and FILL the tank. An empty tank promotes condensation. A full tank does not.

You could disconnect the fuse to the fuel pump and crank the engine until you build oil pressure, but it probably won’t make any real difference.