Stop honking at me - i'm a good driver

Maybe she’s just sitting at a green traffic light, ignoring the honking while she completes a text.
Or, maybe not.

I imagine she was surprised at the response - I’m sure she meant waiting until traffic cleared, not sitting at a green light like an idiot.

Maybe yes, maybe no, texases.
If she never bothers to clarify her unclear post, none of knows what she really means.

If everyone honks at you when you turn, no matter where you’re driving, than you’re clearly doing something wrong. You need to figure out what. Let’s see if we can help.

Do you swing out wide when turning?

Let’s break it down;

They didn’t do it when I drove a Isuzu Rodeo
That’s because the chances of the delay being related to a breakdown or vehicle malfunction far outweighed the possibility that the driver was just being inconsiderate.

And this isn’t even in Massachusetts, but in California!
Yeah, in MA, they would’ve preemptively honked before you even got to the intersection!

Are they jealous or just stupid?
At the risk of stating the obvious, you’ve selectively left out some possibilities that probably have a higher likelyhood of being the root cause.

I have to vent as it is making me crazy and I don’t want to have road rage.
No one can MAKE you mad. You do that all on your own. How you react to any situation is entirely under your own control.

Any suggestions on how to handle these incidents?
A. Don’t create them unless absolutely necessary. 30 seconds is a l-o-n-g time to wait for someone to execute a turn unless there are mitigating factors (see 2).

  1. If there are mitigating factors, point them out. Sometimes, there are people in the crosswalk that the guy behind does not see and they mistakenly react to what they do see.
    III. Ignore them.

It takes you 30 seconds to turn? No wonder people honk at you.! What do you brake completely while excuting the turn? Then slowly whip around the corner?

30 seconds is a lifetime if the car in front of you is waiting to turn on green. . Honk ? OP could get rammed by some POd truck driver. If I were driving a Lexus, I would nix the road rage idea…you may have more to loose.

It is something I realized the other day while driving my daughters saturn vs my suv. There is no respect for smaller cars. One of those big new ugly pickups with a front like the vacuum thing on yellow submarine would usually make room for both of us to pass on a street with cars parked on both sides. The guy kept barreling down the middle of the street not giving an inch though two cars could have passed safely if he was not a hog. Something that never happened to me in my suv, as he would have given room before making me pull into an empty space to avoid getting hit. Maybe I was just a little hyper sensitive because I had just pulled out from the curb, and some guy going 15 over decided to pass me. Ok 2 unique incidences in the first 3 minutes of driving the car, may give one cause to wonder, but in the 5 minute ride to work had 2 people make maneuvers, one a left turning person and I had to apply brakes to avoid hitting, and another speed demon who thought 2 foot clearance was plenty to pull in front of me when changing lanes. I wonder how the mini’s feel! Remember the moody Blues Song OUUM. or something like that! meditate and be at peace, or get a truck.
A friend of mine last week had a funny story, he was following a blue hair (lol Little old Lady) who was rather slow on getting off the gate, the guy behind him started honking his horn. My buddy put his flashers on and went and popped the hood. the guy behind the honking maniac did the same, so now the honking maniac was boxed in with no way out. The guy behind said, your battery dead too? What a coincidence!

Edited to remove link to Pinkard and Bowden, “Blue Hairs driving in my lane” a great comedy Country AND Western Band that seems no longer available.

Faye seems to have left the building. I suspect she didn’t like being told that something she was doing might be the problem.