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Stop engine at light

A lot of tips are given recently on saving gas. Many parts of Europe require shutting off the engine at traffic lights. Oh brilliant ones, does anyone have any idea how long a typical 6 cylinder engine with fuel injection needs be “off” to save enough gas to account for any extra gas it takes to start an engine? If it’s minimal, will you join me in starting a revolution in USA?

Thanks much.

The real cost is the cost of buying a new starter. The starter on a standard car is not designed for that kind of wear, unlike a hybrid car. In addition you would need to account for the additional fuel to recharge the batter etc.

Don’t bother. It is not worth it, even if gas was $10.00 a gallon.

This move makes sense for stops longer than one minute. That includes time waiting for train crossings, drive-up windows, and stalled traffic. You may save a half-teaspoon of gas each time.

Now the statisticians take over and project over millions of drivers over the course of a year, claiming a nation saves mucho barrels of oil per year. They are able to convince the weak-minded politicians to pass a law. Would you be happy with your ticket for failing to shut off your engine for a 15-second stop?
Have your revolution by yourself if you still want one.


My research indicates that the idle fuel consumption for gasoline engines is about .2~.3 GPH for a typical four cylinder engine, .4~.5 GPH for a typical V-6, and around .5~.7 GPH for a typical V-8.
Diesel engines have an idle fuel consumption that is around 1/3 to 1/4 that of a gasoline engine of equal power. This along with low part throttle fuel consumption is the reason they get so much better fuel economy. A full power, there is not that much difference.