Sticky manual shifter

My 1998 Civic coupe Si has 160,00 miles and I enjoy her today as much as I did the day I bought her new 15 years ago!
Just recently the manual shifting has become heavy and “sticky”. Problem popped up almost from 1 day to the next. Not gradual.
Still shifts OK, and no other transmission issues.

Second issue: Pinhole in catalytic converter (according to garage). Any way to patch it?
Just trying to baby her along without putting too much $ into repair.

Has the transmission been properly serviced according to the owners manual? If not…I would try draining the transmission and filling it with the proper manual transmission fluid.

I agree with the fluid change. Honda used to recommend 60-90k intervals, so you may be way behind.

Also, you could try a muffler patch. The cat runs much hotter, but it’s cheap enough to try.

How smoothly does it shift into reverse?

You might check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder. A few ounces of DOT 3 might clear up the problem.

If you’re going to service the tranny you may as well tackle the shift linkage bushings too. Restore that new feel to the shifter


My muffler guy welded a split in a catalytic convertor for $15. Passed emissions test no problem! Dave’s all american muffler Kenosha WI

Checking the shifter linkage/bushings sounds right on. Also, Honda sells an excellent synthetic transmission fluid. that’s what you want to use in your SI.

My 01 Civic had a crack in the converter when I bought it. It’s a pricey replacement being built into the exhaust manifold. Honda price to R&R was nearly $1000. We fixed it with some handy welding in about 15 minutes and its as quiet as a church mouse.