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What causes the front wheels to shimmy when I apply the brakes

Usually it means the front brake rotors are warped.

New rotors will fix it.

What brand do you recomend ? I prefer the drilled and slotted rotors . Also I only have 14,000 miles on the rotors that are on the car .

One of the leading causes of warped rotors is lug nuts that are overtightened.

Rather than the usual impact gun or simply using “feel” when utilizing the lug wrench that came with the car, only a torque wrench should be used when tightening the lug nuts. The Owner’s Manual should list the correct torque for securing the wheels properly without warping the rotors.

When I had this problem with my wifes 95 Taurus at 140,000 miles & no pulsing in the brake pedal the problem was worn out inner tie rod ends.