Steering wheel

I have a problem with 1997 Isuzu Oasis. For a few days, airbags sign was flashing red. Then, one day, the oil light started flashing. I stopped right away, had the car towed. My mechanic kept the car for a week “to remove and replace valve cover gasket and replace leaking oil pipe seals.” When the car was towed I had a little over 800 miles on my trip odometer. I got it back with over 1400 miles and steering wheel so out of alignment that I have to constantly pull it to the left to drive straight. Why is that? What should I do?

I think you go to the shop owner and ask what’s up!

Agreed. However, I would recommend finding an honest general mechanic (a “word-of-mouth” process) and have him determine any problem with the front end. Then I would present a bill for any “crash customizing” and 600 miles of travel expenses (I believe the gov. allows $.25/mile) to said “mechanic”. The problem I have with this fellow is the symptoms don’t match the cure. There is an indication that there may be an electrical problem and often it is cost effective to pay an auto electrician for his service. Do, however, keep a regular eye on your oil level!